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Naked men and nude men are primarily the main features of erotica for women sites. Women are a lot more interested in pictures of naked men than many people think.

Naked men photos have, up until recently, been very rare items.

Previously, one of the few places for women to obtain photos of nude men was through specific adult magazines such as Playgirl or Women's Forum. These hard copy magazines contained centerfolds that sometimes contained naked men, although often these pictures only teased with glimpses of pubic hair, or a peek of the top of a penis.

In the past, censorship has kept pictures of naked men well out of mainstream circulation. While photos of naked women are commonplace, naked men pictures are still relatively rare, at least in print.

The growth of the internet has finally seen a response to the demand. Women are finally standing up and saying "yes, we like porn." More and more adult sites for women are appearing, often featuring photos of naked men and nude men.

This is not to say that all sex sites for women feature naked men. There is also a growing demand for couples and hardcore photos that cater to women's desire. Thus, sites like Couples Sex and For the Girls feature thousands of photos of heterosexual sex designed to appeal to women's sensibilities.

Unfortunately, there are a growing number of sites which promise women photos of straight naked men, but instead are designed for gay customers. These sites pretend to be for women, but they are actually built for gays who are searching for "straight naked men" content. This situation often results in female surfers being turned off true women's erotica because all they can find are gay sites. Rest assured, there are sites out there built for women, including sites that feature naked men!

This site has been built to enable you the female surfer to find more sites that feature naked men - and I mean naked men who are hunky, sexy and NOT GAY!

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